Thursday, 29 May 2014

Kube Studios Modelling Video

Kube Studios

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kube Studios and their services there is a new YouTube video out now. This video is a modelling guide and has tips and advice about the modelling industry. It also explains the different photography services of Kube Studios, one of the most long established studios in London. Kube Studios is not a modelling agency. 

Visit the Kube Studios website here.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fusion Studios Guide To Petite Modelling

Petite Modelling Guide

Modelling itself is a tough industry. You might not think that petite modelling is an even more tough industry. You need to have a pretty face, nice skin, a good bone structure and a good smile, that way you can grab the attention of top petite modelling agencies. Fusion Studios is a photography studio, not a modelling agency.

However, they can help you get the professional modelling portfolio you need to stand out from the modelling crowd. Most of the work in the petite modelling industry involves close up pictures of the face, hands, feet or other body parts instead of the body as a whole. Petite models usually stand a better chance of getting body part modelling jobs.

Here are three top tips for petite models to get ahead:

Be The Right Height

Make sure that you are the right height for the petite modeling industry. You should be no taller than 5 feet 7 in, but your height should be over 4 feet 9 inches at least.

Pose Correctly

Practice good posture and gain practice getting as photogenic as possible so you can make the most of what you have. Learn how to control your poses in front of the camera and think about your eyes and facial expressions.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Find out something about you that is complemented more than others and flaunt it. Make that asset your trademark, be it a cute smile or long legs, use them to your advantage as a model.

Find out more about  modelling on our fashion blogs, or visit the Fusion Studios website.:

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Monday, 31 March 2014

Jared Leto And His Wonderous Hair Styles

Jared Leto And His Wonderous Hair Styles

Few Hollywood actors are as versatile as Jared Leto('s hair). It's different in every film, from a druggy in Spun to guy getting beaten up in Fight Club. This shows off his versitility as an actor. Jared is also a model and an inspiration for aspiring models and actors everywhere. If you are interested in a modelling portfolio contact Fusion Studios today. Many actors even started as models like Channing Tatum.

Recently Jared got up close and personal with models from America's Next Top Model. The Oscar winning actor's envious locks have graced many a catwalk, so here are a few awesome examlples of Jared's amazing hair in action:

jared lettoFusion Studios

modelling photo

Read more about Fusion Studios advice for aspiring models here. Watch this Fusion Studios video!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

What Can Fusion Studios Offer Me?

Fusion Studios Review

Fusion Studios is an award winning photography studio based in Manchester's Northern Quarter. They have been established for over 10 years in the area and have the experience to provide a truely unique and professional photoshoot. If you are considering becoming a model, you have to know if you are photogenic. Fusion Studios are not a modelling agency.

Fusion Studios have over 30 staff members with different expertises. They are also great make-up artists and stylists which is important for you to look your best. For reviews about Fusion Studios read their yelp page here:

Also find out what is being said on modelling blogs about them here:

You can also read testimonials on the Fusion Studios website and contact their helpful team today.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Welcome To Fusion Studios UK

Fusion Studios UK is based in Manchester's Northern Quarter and has over 10 years experience in photography. They are known throughout the UK for taking high quality photos and have makeup artists and stylists on hand to ensure their clients look their best. If you are considering a modelling photoshoot, look no further than Fusion Studios UK.

Fusion Studios specialize in modelling portfolios, and their flexible team has experience in:

- Body Parts Modelling
- Fashion Modelling
- Teen Modelling
- Male Modelling
- Plus Size Modelling

If you are interested in coming down to the studio and meeting the team, visit the Fusion Studios UK website:

Watch this video about Fusion Studios UK here:

Fusion Studios is not a modelling agency.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Top Celeb Power Couples

Fusion Studios Celebs

Here is a run down of our top 3 power couples in the world of celebrity. These are the most inspiring actors and musicians getting together to create something greater than the sum of the parts! In some cases even their names meld together, like Brangelina. Will they stand the test of time? Only time will tell..

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad's career hasn't slowed down since meeting Angelina and neither has hers. They have always been hot property and nothing has changed for these two. They have stuck by each other through hard times and weathered their storms. They are undoubtedly the top celeb couple.

2. Jay Z and Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce
Jay Z and Beyonce

Hip hop legend and global icon Beyonce have tied the knot and have since only got more Jayonce-ish. With her new album out entitled 'Beyonce' and Jay Z's 'You Know I got It' going viral online, it seems marriage has only strengthened this multi-million dollar alliance. Apart from their new baby, Blue, more great things are sure to come for these two in 2014.

3. David Beckham and Posh Spice

david beckham
David Beckham and Posh

They make more money from putting their face to things than putting a foot to a ball ever made David. They have transformed themselves from good footballer and pop singer to a global brand. They have also raised four children and kept their marriage strong for years - which is an inspiration to any couple thesedays.

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For more information on their photography, watch this youtube video:

Friday, 27 September 2013

Where are Fusion Studios?

Where are the Studios located?

Fusion Studios are based in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Their address is 45-47 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1NA

How do I get there?

We are close to Piccadilly and Victoria stations, and our studio is approximately a 6-7 minute walk. A car park is located in the nearby shopping centre. If you are based in London and are considering getting the train to Manchester, here are some useful sites for train tickets:

What to expect?

Kube Studios have top of the line modelling facilities and photography equipment at their Manchester studios. Your photographs will be taken by experts with years of experience. They are not a modelling agency. For more information on what to expect talk to one of our team using our contact number below. Alternatively, visit the Your Day section of the website here to learn more about what to expect when attending one of our modelling days:
Also, make sure you read their FAQ page here:

Where can I find examples of photos they have taken?

You can find these on the Official Fusion Studios website. Here is one from the website below:

What are Fusion Studios contact details?

Their contact telephone number is 0161 831 9200 and their email address is enquiries@fusionphoto
For more information please visit the Fusion Studios website. Also, don't forget to follow Fusion Studios on Tumblr and check out the Fusion Studios Pinterest page.